So glad you found me!

You may have already worked out that I'm Australian. That's where I grew up. But it could also be said that where I really grew up was here in The Netherlands. Sure I was 34 when I arrived, I'd been a lawyer for nearly a decade, but there was something about coming over here that opened the heavens for me. It gave me the courage to do what I really want to do - pursue a career as a professional creative.

And so I did. One article, one comms role at a time. While working at Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management, Aegon NV and the Peace Palace, I've built a decade of work as a creative. 

So now I'm taking all that experience, all that learning, all the skills I've developed and a whole lot of heart, and I'm pouring it into becoming the world's best freelance content creator.​ ​

Actually, wait. It's not only about being the world's best. It's about doing work that makes good things happen and enjoying this one precious life along the way.

Would love to talk. Feel free to get in touch even if only to continue this conversation....who are you and what are you up to?

All best,




Marlies Mols, Head of Digital, Van de Velde