Alice Ramsay

Executive Communications, Brand Voice, Presenting

Hello, I'm Alice

My purpose is to bring the best in people and ideas. I help organizations and initiatives thrive.

I’m a creative, a strategist and a copywriter.

Most of my work is about developing thinking and getting ideas clear. I then transform thoughts into content that people love.

So I work with leaders to give them exactly the right words to inspire action. I help companies with stories to really show who they are and where they are heading. I conduct interviews to find out the most amazing things and share them. That’s what I do. I make people feel something.

Before I founded Ramsay Communications, I spent close to a decade doing exactly this in senior communications roles with international organizations. Prior to that I was an international lawyer and a diplomat – which is what brought me from Australia to The Netherlands. I live with my family in the green heart of NL, Utrecht.

Alice Ramsay looking to side

Values that guide me

Here are values that I look to as a guide for my behavior:


Integrity is about playing it straight, every time. And calling it when things go differently. Even when it’s the harder thing to do.


To me, being professional means striving for top quality, keeping open lines of clear communication going, holding integrity front of mind.


Being authentic makes life better. It’s about knowing who you are and letting the world see who that is. It’s about being real.


Being wholehearted injects integrity, authenticity, energy and high quality into everything I deliver. It unleashes my enthusiasm and creativity and opens new possibilities.

Ready for amazing results?

So am I!